There are a host of nutritionists and scientists who work tirelessly behind fighters, helping them find the best possible formula to perform at their peak.

Here are some tips they have produced:

1. Labels
To be frank – advertising and labels generally are misleading. The onus is on you to read the labels in depth – peanut butter, yogurt and coconut milk all seem great on a label, but what about sugar, stabilizers and additives? Isolate the good from the bad and know what you’re going to be putting in your body.

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2. Carbs
Carbs are a controversial nutrient. Essential for your body’s energy, improving performance. BUT they are also well known to be inflammatory. High GI foods like white rice and white bread further make you sluggish and increase your blood sugar levels. The trick is: low GI foods in moderation are great, especially before and after a big fight.

3. Protein Powder
Popular among fighters – and with good reason, protein powder helps build muscle, repair injuries and is more affordable than consuming the equivalent amounts of meats or fish. One thing however that one must remember is that it is a SUPPLEMENT and not a total replacement for good meats and fish in your daily diet. Also, consuming too much protein can be detrimental to your health. Tip: 0.6-1.2 grams of protein per pound of body-weight. 

4. Adaptogens
Known as foods that stabilize various processes of the body, in turn reducing stress, Adaptogens come in the form of nutritional supplements like Korean ginseng and Rhodiola rosea. They speed up recovery, improve immune function and decrease fatigue levels quite drastically.

5. Experiment
No single diet will ever solve all your issues without some form of negative effect. To optimize results, play around with different diets when you’re not in the peak of training and establish how you feel. If you experience more energy and feel performance levels are increasing, you’re on the right track. BUT never fight on a new, untested diet! 

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