Nigerian Richard Allison credits his love for Conor McGregor as the motivation for his applying to trail at Cork City FC.

Allison was told he could be given that opportunity with the club if he reached 50,000 retweets on his Twitter campaign which surpassed the target within a week.  The young player told Cork Beo that he thanks God and Conor McGregor for the opportunity.

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“I’ve always loved the club because I loved Conor McGregor, I googled a lot about him and that was how I found out about Cork City FC – a club in Ireland. And they responded to me,” he said. Hoping to compete with Conor McCormack in the Rebels back-line, adding, “I can play either right back or left back”.

Although Allison did not reveal his age or details of his career thus far, he did confirm his obsession with football with Cork Beo, adding that he believes he can do a great job for Cork City.

According to him, Nigeria supports his move, saying, “The response back home here has been great, everyone back home in Nigeria here have really supported me. It’s all positive down here in Nigeria!”


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