Face it, we exist in a society filled with sheep. People are over-sensitive, they need safe spaces because their feelings get hurt too easily. We complain, life just isn’t fair, but only to them.

Blaming others and deflecting is second nature. In this torrential world – one breed stands above all – the lion will rise against the sheep.

Lions are the successful ones – they accomplish things with greatness. The truth is, you too can become a lion. It’s time to wave goodbye to the sheep and start a new era of your journey.


Here are the 10 daily rituals lions stick to, because greatness comes with hard work:

1. Rise before the sun does
Sheep get up, go to work, carry on in a menial setting day to day, only to start the same procedure all over again the very next day. They don’t do things with enthusiastic execution, they put in the minimal effort to exist, each and every day.
Lions have achieved 9 things in the time a sheep executes one. They beat the sunrise and power on throughout their day – weekends included. Lions don’t party. 

2. Cold showers
Lions take cold showers daily, be it a sweltering hot summers day or the middle of winter, this uncomfortable process only makes him stronger. Cold showers also relieve stress and boost energy levels.
If he can get an edge over his competition, he will most certainly take it.

3. Read for an hour a day
Lions self improve daily. The person they were 6 months ago is incomparable to the person they are today. They easily read 50-60 books a year. And the vast array of topics ensure they are constantly improving their knowledge on pretty much everything.  
Sheep rarely read. They are too swept up in their boring routines. Lions grab this opportunity in order to truly get ahead. 

4. Daily tasks
Lions make lists and when the morning begins, he hits the ground running. With only so man hours in a day, he knows that nobody will stop him from achieving his goals. He sets tasks out of his reach – this forces him to grow. 
Lions do not rest until all their tasks are completed. This is what makes them successful.

5. No time wasting
Sheep spend their lives at their desks, in from of their TV or on their cellphones. Lions don’t need that temptation.
Their phones are for business. They don’t follow social media, in fact they rarely know what’s happening in the world because their heads are down, they’re focused on mastering their craft. 

6. Healthy eating habits
Lions know exactly what they’re eating. Sheep don’t really care that much, after all, they need to get back to work. Right?
Lions plan their meals, they know that what they eat could either empower them or ruin them. 

7. Exercise
Lions don’t miss out on their daily exercise. They know the importance of a healthy body and how it relays to a healthy mind. Even on days where lions don’t want to work out, they will force themselves to go for a run or make a way to the gym. 

8. Following their purpose
Lions don’t work for others. They have a calling and they know exactly what it is. Sheep tremble with fear at this idea. 
Lions pursue their dreams, aggressively, even when there’s a chance of failure. Why spend your time creating someone else’s dream when you could be chasing your own? 
Every one of us knows what our passion truly is – the trick is to chase away that pesky sheep and become the lion. Let it roar.

9. This is why they’re the beast
Everyone wants to be known as the beast, that is, until they have to do what beasts do. 
Sheep procrastinate on their tasks, putting them off. A lion smells fear and does what a lion does best. They don’t wait for the ideal time or convenience – they dive right in because there is no time like the present. 
Saturday night comes and seep are partying while the lion is grinding. There is no parameter for time when you’re a lion.

10. They scare themselves
Lions have a task each and every day that scares them. Meditate for 20 minutes instead of 10, make 100 sales calls in a day instead of 50. Lions climb right out of their comfort zones. 
Sheep would never dare to accomplish this feat. 
Lions savor venturing into new territory because that is where they outperform 10-1.  Welcoming the throne to their new kingdom. 


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