Let me start off by saying that Conor McGregor was in the wrong for punching an unassuming man inside a bar earlier this year (see the video). In fact, “Notorious” himself has gone out and taking full responsibility.

But it’s rather interesting that BJ Penn — a UFC legend — has been involved in not one, but two bar fights in the span of three months, and the backlash he’s received pales in comparison to that of Conor’s.

This past June, Penn was allegedly caught on tape beating up a bouncer in Hawaii. See the video below:

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For their part, neither UFC or Dana White never even spoke about it.

And just today, yet another video surfaced of “The Prodigy” unloading strike after strike on a downed man in another street fight at a bar.

And while it’s still fresh, the promotion hasn’t issued a statement on that incident, either, as of this writing.

Look, I get it, Conor is the biggest star in the sport and one of the biggest celebrities in the world so the spotlight shines just a bit brighter on him. But the fact remains, if the media is going to bury Conor for his antics, don’t you think the same treatment should be given to Penn, a man who has been fighting for the promotion for over a decade?

I’m not saying anyone is giving Penn a pass, but that is now two incidents in just three months and it seems he isn’t bashed as hard as McGregor is. In fact, he is still lined up to face Nik Lentz later this year in what is to be his final UFC fight.

Furthermore, even some of his fellow UFC fighters are simply joking about it:


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