Why does Dana White love Conor McGregor so much?

Answer by Will Huf

Two reasons: he made the UFC an incredible amount of money and he’s easy to do buisness with.

The first should be obvious. Conor is still the biggest star in the UFC, accounts for most of their highest selling PPVs and was one of the main reasons that the UFC was bought by WME a few years back. No one else in the UFC can get the mainstream media and casual fans to tune in and pay attention.


What isn’t as well known is that Dana has a very positive business relationship with Conor. For all of his bullshit and headaches outside of the cage by all accounts Conor is a fairly level-headed businessman and doesn’t let emotions prevent him from negotiating with the UFC. He’ll demand a lot and negotiate hard but he doesn’t take rejection personal as many other fighters do.

Even when he was demanding a stake in the UFC once it became clear that he wasn’t going to get that he didn’t throw a fit. He dealt with the UFC, signed a deal and then was respectful to them in public. For White, someone who has dealt with many fighters who let their personal feelings get in the way of business and will cut off their own nose to spite their face, this has got to be a breath of fresh air.



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