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Conor McGregor can breathe a bit easier now that he has one less legal issue to worry about.

According to the Miami Herald, all charges that were pressed against “Notorious” for allegedly stealing a fan’s phone and smashing it have been dropped by the prosecutor in the case. According to one report, Conor and the victim worked out the details in the civil case.

“If McGregor was trying to pay him directly, without a civil case, then he would have been in trouble for trying to tamper with or bribe a witness,” former Florida prosecutor Paul Walsh told “But when there’s a civil action open, they’re free to negotiate terms and money. The way they did it is the way you’re supposed to do it, so it doesn’t look improper. Works out good for (McGregor). I don’t know what it cost him, but I’m sure it worked out for him.”

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See video of the incident below:

Conor was facing charges of felony strong-armed robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief. While the former UFC champ-champ wasn’t going to be facing any jail time, it’s good to know he no longer has to worry about damaging his record further and won’t be paying a heftier fine and messing with court dates.

Or paying further lawyer fees.

That said, McGregor can now focus on his looming return to the octagon after sitting on the sidelines for the last eight months. As far as who he will face, there are no shortage of opponents who are willing to fight him upon his return.

But with Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone now booked to go down later this year, the favorite to land the McGregor fight is now Justin Gaethje. Or do you have a better opponent in mind?

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