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During a recent interview with ESPN, Conor McGregor revealed that he hadn’t had a drink of any type of liquor or alcohol in four months. Not even his own Proper 12.

It’s a new thing he’s trying, unlike what he did for UFC 229.

Indeed, “Notorious” recently told Ariel Helwani that during UFC 229 fight week, he would drink so much despite the fact that he had a big title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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But before he would go out partying, he would call some people he had set up in a hotel to meet him the gym to engage in an all out fist fight.

“I was drinking all the time last fight week.  I don’t know why I did it. I had this venom in me or something,” he said.”

“I had people holed up in a hotel from that part of the world. And I would ring them and arrange a fight. So they would come from the hotel down to the gym and have a full-blown fight,” he said.

“No head guard, a fight. I’d win. We would have a war and I would win. I’d knock the guy out and I would go off and celebrate and then I’d come back in three days.”

And he wasn’t going to to rest. no, he would go out drinking and celebrating.

“Not doing what I should have been doing,” he explained.

“I just wasn’t living the life I should be living. But I am not going back there, I am in a great spot now. That’s it. I have made mistakes and I have been man enough to admit them and correct them and that’s what I have done.”

It’s a tough thing to admit, though many will simply take it as an excuse for his loss to Khabib.

That said, there is no reason for him to just boast about this for the sake of doing it, Conor simply wants to show his fans that this time around he is doing everything right.

Now we have to wait to see if it all proves a recipe for success at UFC 246 on Jan. 18.



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