After his recent defeat to Khabib all many fight fans have been wondering if Conor McGregor still has what it takes to compete at the highest level. Well his recent Instagram post will have put everyone’s minds to rest.

”My attacking game is still catching up as you can see here. Loose arm drags and over eagerly jumping to hooks and losing position. But I am gaining good traction again. My passing and my overall forward pressure is building nicely.
I will keep building. For I am a brick wall. 
Before I went into my last camp I was doing extensive work in the gi and my attacking game was developing really well. My submissions were becoming a lot more frequent. I was supremely confident in my attacking. I could spend full rounds attached to the back. Through all ranges. Snatching the neck. Breaking posture. Generally mauling anything I touched. 
For some reason though, I went into camp and focused solely on defense. I trained to disengage. To Anti grapple. To Avoid. 
I disrespected my own attacking game and became a stranger to it. I allowed outside influence filter into my own thinking. 
I can pull a dead horse out of a ditch if I latch around it’s head why would I not snatch up the neck? Why would I disengage? 
Why would I avoid anything? 
I don’t know what I was thinking back then. 
But I am thinking clear now. 
I will not make that mistake again. I am going to literally tear these men apart now. Watch me.
One by fucking one.”

Check out the post below and see for yourself just how hard The Notorious One is working.

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I know we all want to see the Khabib rematch but realistically who do you want to see Conor fight next?


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