Conor McGregor’s 40-second technical knockout win over Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 may not have seemed like much, but it caused plenty of damage.

See the highlights here.

According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, “Cowboy” suffered multiple facial fractures, including one to his left orbital and one to his nose.


“Donald Cerrone is suspended until July 17 unless cleared by maxillofacial doctor for nasal fracture and mild orbital fracture,” read the report courtesy of MMA Fighting.

“He is suspended at minimum until Feb. 18 with no contact until Feb. 9.”

Aside from being the recipient of a nice head kick, “Cowboy” received multiple hard shots to the face as Conor was trying to put an end to the fight.

Referee Herb Dean gave Cerrone a lot of time to fight back, but ultimately put an end to the fight since he couldn’t get up.

That prevented McGregor from inflicting further punishment and his already-wounded foe.

Donald is known to bounce right back and fight often, but it seems he will have to hit the bench to recuperate for some time before he can return to action.

“Notorious,” meanwhile, is now looking for bigger and better things in the future, specifically a lightweight title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov or Tony Ferguson.

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