Conor McGregor recently inked a sponsorship deal with gambling site, Parimatch. And now, “Notorious” is starring in a new, colorful and vibrant commercial to promote his newest sponsor.

In it, a sledge-hammer wielding Conor channeled his inner-Joker, dawning the infamous makeup worn by Gotham’s biggest villain. And there is plenty more to unload, as the video has a lot going on.

Check it out:



His new partnership saw him go on a media tour recently, which involved a stop in Moscow, Russia.

While there, things got a bit testy, as one Dagestani fan threw a water bottle at him during one of his open workouts. Furthermore, several other surrounded his hotel, forcing security to lock it down.

Nevertheless, Conor made it out of enemy territory in one piece. Now, he has his eyes set on his UFC return, which is expected to go down on January 28, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As far as potential opponents go, that remains to be confirmed.

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