Conor McGregor recently drew the ire of UFC president Dana White after he took it upon himself to post some private text messages between them.

The messages revealed that McGregor was trying hard to clock down a fight, while White was willing, he was making a bit tough on Conor and his requests.

After White caught wind of Conor’s decisions to make the texts public, he slammed his former champ-champ for braking the man code.


“Everybody here knows, even the ladies, this is some man code stuff,” a visibly annoyed White said. “It’s just something you don’t do. It’s one of the dirtiest things you can do, because we were just talking about Diego Sanchez. And Diego Sanchez is in there in a private conversation I was having with Conor.”

“When you’re the number two or three-ranked guy in the world, and you’re telling me that you want to fight, but you want to fight unranked, 39-year-old Diego Sanchez in a main event in Los Angeles…” White added during the UFC 253 post-fight press conference.

In turn, McGregor took to social media to offer up a response.

“Code was broke when you lied about me turning down fights mate,” McGregor said. “I said Justin in May and you went and said I did not want to fight. It’s not about Diego. Diego was a filler to get more fights in. Also you have been involved in Manny talks the legal letters are there. Stop lying.”

It seems the once tight relationship between promoter and fighter has really taken a turn for the worse.

What say you, who do you think was in the wrong?

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