For as much as Conor McGregor is a showman, loud trash talker and over-the-top in his theatrics to promote a fight, the man is as smart and well-spoken as they come.

Still, you can’t fault “Notorious” for being brash and overly-loquacious when it comes to his pre-fight routine, it’s who he is, it’s what helped make him the biggest start in the game today.

That said, when you shed all of that and get to the core of who Conor really is, he’s smart man that can pass for a motivational speaker if he put his mind to it.

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In the video embedded above, we get a glimpse of McGregor’s motivational outlook on life, and how he approaches everything from the fight game to his personal goals away from the UFC Octagon.

Here is a small snippet:

“You can not fully commit to something if you are not passionate about it. You must look at your surroundings, at the things you are involved in and ask yourself if you are truly passionate about these things. Do you truly want to put every ounce of your being into these things,” he says.”

“I am truly blessed by something and I am not sure what it is. But I am blessed that I was able to find my passions. These avenues that the fight games has opened up for me, I am going down them 100 miles per hour with no brakes.”

Indeed, Conor didn’t stop at ruling the MMA world, but he also ventured into professional boxing, the Whiskey business and well as a custom suit line.

Conor’s story truly is a rags-to-riches one, as he was on welfare prior to getting his big break with UFC back in 2013. From there, Conor latched on to the opportunity and never looked back after willing his career into existence.

Still, for as great as his story is thus far, “Notorious” isn’t done yet, as he aims to return to MMA later this year.

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