The COVID-19 pandemic is still a big problem all over the world, affecting nearly every country on the planet.

And Ireland is no different.

Conor McGregor recently took to Instagram to offer some encouraging words in these dire times.

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He alos offered up some numbers as to how Ireland is doing and dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Quick reminder to stay vigilant with our quarantine efforts, team Ireland!
We have seen a drop over the last 3 days in numbers of infected. From 191 cases on Thursday, March 19th (Our heaviest day to date) to a slight decrease of 126 the following day, Friday March 20th. To now today, Saturday March 21th, a total number of 102 new cases.  These are encouraging drops each day but we are still above 100 a day.
With today being Saturday and the peak of our weekend, plus the fact we have received lower numbers each day, we will all feel tempted to get out and back to living our normal lives again. But now is the time we must remain most vigilant! Remain most vigilant and put this fully to bed. Otherwise we run the risk of going around in circles with these numbers until they hit a spike we then can’t contain.  Stay tight Ireland! We will do this! Together in unity!
God speed to everyone around the world fighting this virus. We fight it side by side! ☘️🌍🙏❤️ Team work makes the dream work, God bless!

Encouraging words from the king of Ireland.

At the moment, there is no cure for the virus, but doctors and scientist from all over are trying to come up with a solution to combat this pandemic.

For now, most of the world is under quarantine and are practicing social distancing to prevet the virus from spreading further.


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