After Conor McGregor knocked out Donald Cerrone in just 40 second,s his title hopes increased ten fold.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is set to defend his title against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 on April 18.

After that, Conor is expected to face off against the winner.


That said, injuries and or suspensions could delay things for Conor in case Khabib doesn’t win or if he chooses to sit out a bit longer than expected to rest.

According to UFC president Dana White, Conor has hinted at him that he may not wait for Khabib.

“I don’t know if Conor wants to wait for him,” he said to TMZ SPorts. “We’ll see what happens. Conor might not wait.”

If he chooses to not wait, McGregor will have several options at his disposal.

Chief among them are Jorge Masvidal, Justin Gaethje and Nate Diaz.

That said, we likely won’t know what Conor’s next MMA move will be until at least another month and a half.

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