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For anyone that knows anything about MMA, they know that Gina Carano was the first women to actually put women’s MMA on the map.

Yes there were several before her, but it wasn’t until Gina came with her skill set, looks and personality that really gave it a push long before Ronda Rousey did.

Carano left the fight game over a decade ago and has since become a pretty successful actress. More recently, Carano appeared on The Ariel Helwani MMA Show, a promise she made 10 years ago.

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It was indeed like a unicorn appearing out of nowhere. In fact, the event was so momentous that it even caught the attention of one Conor McGregor.

And interestingly enough, he said he’d love to work with Carano either as her promoter, or even producer.

The post is interesting for a couple of reasons, as it seems the Conor is intent on becoming a promoter down the line. Furthermore, it seems he is seemingly considering branching out to film.

Or he’s just a really big Carano fan, who is one of the stars of “The Mandolorian” on Disney+.

During the interview, Gina revealed why she never competed for UFC, and it all had to do with a nasty test message that Dana White sent her after they reached an agreement on a deal.

Here is Carano’s full interview, and it’s a very good one at that.

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