One thing Conor McGregor has yet to accomplish during his time with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is get a piece of the ownership pie. Though it’s not for a lack of trying, but UFC president Dana White simply wasn’t having it.

But there is a way “Notorious” can get in on the $4 billion machine, as late night talk show host Conan O’Brien — who is a minority owner of UFC thanks to it’s partnership with WME-IMG — has offered to fight McGregor and put his shares on the line.

Once McGregor caught wind of the challenge, he took to social media to instantly accept, saying that not only will have face Conan, but he will let the funny man team up with box office action start Mark Wahlberg.

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That’s because the former double champ wants double the shares.

Of course, Wahlberg at one time stated that he would sell some of his stock in UFC to Conor, but it seems Wahlberg wants to earn it the hard way. Or in this case, the easy way.

McGregor’s hopes of getting a piece of the UFC ownership won’t likely happen anytime soon — if ever — UFC president Dana White is confident he can make his biggest star ever happy in other ways. The two are scheduled to meet sometime soon to discuss his potential return to the Octagon, which could happen before the year is over.

Still, even if McGregor never gets a piece of the UFC, he can find comfort in knowing he’s made more money with the company than every other fighter in the history of the sport. Something he definitely earned the hard way. It’s all a part of being the smartest businessman in the sport.

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