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Conor McGregor has teased retirement a couple of times before, and last night it seems he did it again.

Indeed, “Notorious” took to Twitter to say he was “done,” but didn’t go into further detail as to what exactly the cryptic tweet meant.

A few years ago, “Notorious” sent the combat worked into a frenzy after he claimed to have decided to retire early, thanking UFC for the cheese.

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Of course, he ultimately returned to action

Earlier this year, Conor teased retirement once again after he was suspended following his UFC 229 melee with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s camp.

While his latest tweet could men anything (or nothing at all), it’s safe to say people won’t take it too serious, hence the boy crying wolf.

UFC president Dana White has stated repeatedly that “Notorious” would be making a comeback sometime in 2019, but now that we are halfway though the year, that seems less and less unlikely with each passing day.

If he indeed does decide to return to action, there will plenty of men ready to welcome him back, including the record-setting Jorge Masvidal.

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