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After three years away, Nate Diaz made a successful return to the UFC cage last Saturday night (Aug. 17, 2019) at UFC 241 in Anaheim, California by defeating Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision.

Afterward, Nate took to the mic to deliver his post-fight victory speech, and to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t call out Conor McGregor to a trilogy fight. A rather surprising move, seeing as how it’s a fight they have both wanted.

Instead, Diaz called our Jorge Masvidal to a showdown later this year.

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Still, Conor was watching and three days removed from the show, “Notorious” took to social media to not only congratulated Diaz for his win, but to mention the non-callout.

3 years to the day myself and this Mexican warrior went to war.
Congrats on the win this weekend Nate, it was motivating to see it for my own comeback. I don’t blame you not mentioning me for the trilogy bout post fight, you know what I’m like when I get going. Vicious.
I loved the round 3 style from round 1 that you implemented. It’s what I was hoping you would implement for this bout and was glad to see you do it.
I’ll be prepared for it when we go again. If we go again.
If not, respect always. A war for the ages. No bitch talk. Just real shit.

Indeed, Nate’s last fight prior to UFC 241 was a loss to Conor McGregor at UFC 202 back in 2016. With the win, McGregor tied up the series after Nate submitted him at UFC 196.

nevertheless, while it seems the two men won’t break the tie next, they are destined to run into each other inside the octagon before their fighting days are done.

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