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Aside from being one of the best fighters in the world, a pioneer in self-promotion and an all around great businessman, Conor McGregor is one of the true fashion icons in sports.

Indeed, “Notorious” is always dressed to the nines in custom suits and ties when he has a special event to go to, be it a personal affair or UFC-related press conference obligations.

In fact, Conor is so into fashion that he launched his own clothing brand last year called August McGregor. Upon its release, all of his merchandise sold out in record time. Now, Conor is has released his new line of clothing which includes bathing suits, sportswear, t-shirts and of course custom suits.


But Conor won’t take all of the credit ,as he says his own style, as well as the one he created for August McGregor, was inspired by the original fashion icon, David Beckham.

“For me, the OG [original gangster] of fashion and male style is David Beckham,” Conor told GQ via Business Insider. “David Beckham was a pioneer. He paved the way for that kind of style.”We have to go to David for inspiration, who I’d look up to style-wise, back in the day.”

Conor and Beckham have sparked a friendship over the years, as McGregor revealed that David was present during a few of his training sessions for Floyd Mayweather. In fact, Beckham even sent Conor some clothes, which were undoubtedly fashionable.

When two superstars combine their style and love for clothing, only great things are bound to happen.

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