What would you do if you received a huge pay-cheque? One of many to come? For Conor McGregor the answer was obvious.

On 6 April 2013, McGregor made his UFC debut against Marcus Brimage

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After his UFC debut fight in Stockholm, he also won the Knockout Of The Night Bonus which was a whopping $60,000. His pay was $10,000 and another $10,000 if he won, so he left that night with $80,000.

The first thing McGregor did with that money was give a large portion to his mother. He tells GQ that his next move was visiting a famous tailor in Dublin for a fully tailored suit.

“The second thing was going to a tailor in Dublin city Center. My father, growing up, had always said, ‘You know you’re successful when you’ve got a fully tailored suit.’

“That stuck in my head for so many years. I went straight into a suit store called Louis Copeland & Sons – it’s famous here on Irish soil.

“I spent about eight hours in there, talking and chatting. They kitted me out with suits. I wanted a fully custom-made, tailored suit on my skin, that feeling of success.

“I wanted to take that with me to the next chapter of my life. That’s what I did with my first pay-cheque.”

Smart tailoring is a key aspect of Conor McGregor’s iconic style, and now we know where it all started!


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