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It has been a year since Conor McGregor last competed at UFC 229, losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov via submission.

While the fiery Irishman has been teasing returns here and there, nothing has come of it. But according to “Notorious,” it’s not because he doesn’t want to fight, but rather because UFC matchmakers won’t give him a fight.

“Funny enough, I just want to compete now,” McGregor said Tuesday at a media event in the Ukraine hosted by betting site Parimatch via MMA Fighting.

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“I was trying to get the Dec. 14th card, for whatever reason they’ve been holding me back. I’m giving them dates, I’m saying I want to fight this date, this date, this date, this date in a row, and we had opponents selected and everything and they’re just making it very difficult for me for whatever reason.”

Indeed, Conor did drop hints of Dec. 14, but UFC didn’t take the bait, Perhaps because UFC 245 already has three title fights on it.

So if UFC won’t give him a fight, he is ready to stage some charity fights to keep himself active.

“So now I’m kind of in a position where I’m attempting to set up a charity event. I’ve done this before in my hometown but I done it in an amateur boxing event at my old boxing club, Crumlin Boxing Club, but I want to do it in mixed martial arts competition also,” he said.

“Create an event, find an opponent, compete, zero prize. I do not care about the prize. The prize is in my home. I have five prizes in my home that I seek to get, I’ve got them. I just want to compete now, I want to come back, I want to get sharp, I want to show the best of myself and continue to climb,” he said.

“So that’s what I am seeking to do. So we are looking to do that sometime in December, hopefully have a charity mixed martial arts event for zero prize. The prize will go to charity, so that’s what we are aiming for.”

Conor did, in fact, offer to donate his entire fight purse if UFC booked a fight between him and Frankie Edgar, which would have helped a lot since Conor warrants big paydays.

“I even offered for the Frankie Edgar bout to donate my purse to charity,” McGregor said. “Because they were saying we won’t make enough money on the Frankie fight and I was like, I don’t care, don’t worry about me, give my purse to charity.

“But for whatever reason it’s being made difficult. Like I said, we’re almost there. It’s never easy with this crowd.”

For now, it seems Conor will not return until 2020, perhaps against either Jorge Masvidal or Nate Diaz.


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