Not that many people realize how giving the UFC fighter really is, and even less are aware of his donation last September to a little boy named Byran McCullough.

Byran who was 5 years old at the time, spent 11 weeks in hospital after suffering from septic shock. Unable to walk or even eat on his own and needing to be fed through a nasal tube, the boys mother, Grainne McCullough set up a GoFundMe account to get her son proper private care.

Her aim was to raise €10,000 in order to pay for a stomach feeding tube to be fitted.


McGregor then made an anonymous donation of the entire amount needed, exactly €10,000, to the McCullough’s, although Byran’s mom later revealed the identity of the donation.

Obviously thrilled, Grainne wrote on the page: “This is my last idea for my son as I’ve spent the last year trying to get him proper medical care from the HSE (Health Service Executive).

“He has a NG (nasogastric) tube in his nose since last September and I keep being fobbed off with excuses for delay in putting in a peg (Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube.

“He has seen no dietitian, we are desperate at this stage, we are looking for money for my son Bryan to get private care and the help he deserves. 

“He had sepsis last year and is now unable to walk or eat I feel so bad for him xxxxx.”

After McGregors generous donation, she told the Dublin Live that it made her families dreams come true

“Conor has made our dreams come true in so many ways, and I can verify it wasn’t for a publicity stunt, he privately donated to us, I just had to let him know how much we appreciate it.

“He said: ‘Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery for Bru. From Conor, Dee and family’.”

We think the most inspiring part of all is that McGregor continues to make donations like these, continuously helping Dublin Children’s Hospital over the years.


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