Conor McGregor’s rise from a plumber who was on welfare to one of the richest athletes in the world is well-documented.

And while he may brash on the mic to promote fights, Conor’s success has been very inspirational to many.

It’s something he takes pride in.

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“I think people appreciate my story, and many relate to me. I know I relate to many of them,” said Conor to Bleacher Report.

“Just a small number of years ago I was an apprentice plumber on social welfare, and today I am known all over the world and am able to help many vs. being helped. That is a great feeling.”


Of course, when you are rich and famous, you’re constantly in the public eye.

So when you make a mistake here and there, it’s magnified.

“It is not easy being in the public eye, but I love being around people as it gives me great energy,” he said.

“I plan on being around for a long time inside the Octagon, boxing ring, and well beyond my fighting career.”

Indeed, McGregor’s has become one of the most inspiration figures in the world.

And it just doesn’t reach to the sports world, either.

He also has a lucrative whiskey and clothing line business.

McGregor is more than willing to serve as an inspiration to show everyone that if he an come from the bottom all the way to the top, anyone can.

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