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It’s been seven months since all hell broke loose in Las Vegas, Nevada, as Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and their respective teams collided in a post-fight brawl.

Aside from a few social media posts, McGregor hasn’t really broken down what happened after he got submitted by “The Eagle” in “Sin City.”

Until now.


During a recent sit-down with motivational speaker Tony Robbins, “Notorious” explained how the madness started and how he manged to protect himself against members of Khabib’s entourage who attacked him inside the cage.

“I am very self-defense minded through growing up,” McGregor said. “I know where my entrances and my exits are. I’m very aware of my surroundings.”

“So I backed myself up against the cage wall, where I thought I was good. And what happened was, two of his teammates ran and jumped over, right behind me,” he added.

“And for me, with my mindset, it was fascinating for me to watch that back, because I got to a safe place. I got to a place where I was aware, and I could see any incoming threats and deal with it.”

“They came right over my back, right over my back.”

Despite coming up short to Khabib, Conor says he was the big winner of the night since he landed the final blow on one of Nurmagomedov’s friends.

“As he threw that right hand, I threw a left hand,” McGregor continued. “Boom! There’s an image, an aerial image, of the right hand just whipping by my face and my left hand just landing flush down the pipe!

“The final blow of the night! So that’s it. I win.”

Conor is adamant things will go different in the rematch, though he’ll have to wait a while as Khabib is set to face Dustin Poirier at UFC 242 in September.

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