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Yes, Conor McGregor loves to splurge on big ticket items such as this super yacht, but “Notorious” is also very generous with his money, as well.

Recently, McGregor took the time to visit his old childhood football club, Lourdes Celtic, after he shelled out major funds to renovate the clubhouse.

“Down at the @lourdescelticfootballclub grounds in Old County Glen tonight.
Watching the clubs excellent under 16 Premier side train in the all new facilities,” wrtoe Conor on Instagram.

“Proud will be the day we witness some of these future stars rise up to international level and wear our nations badge with honour. What Lourdes Celtic has been renowned for throughout its years!

Last month, McGregor had this to say about funding the project near and dear to his heart.

“I recently renovated my old football clubhouse @lourdescelticfootballclub! This club, and clubhouse, is responsible for so many competent, well trained Irish internationals, it’s actually hard to count them all!

“A phenomenal junior Irish football club, with its grounds located right inside my old housing estate. We sourced fresh Astro for the indoor as well as the outdoor areas.

“A complete refurb job on the premise, along with an amazing memorial addition in honour of the two great men who founded this great club, John “Bower” Bradley and Eddie Roche!

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