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During a recent interview on ESPN, former UFC Lightweight and Featherweight champion, Conor McGregor, revealed that he would indeed be returning to action in 2019.

As far as who is opponent is, that remains to be seen. While he would love nothing more than to get a rematch with Khabib Nurmamgomedov, that isn’t likely this year as “The Eagle” is already booked to fight Dustin Poirier in a couple of weeks.

Getting redemption for his loss at UFC 229, however, is still on Conor’s mind.

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“I want that world title back, I want that redemption. The camp was incorrect and I learned so much in that. Knowing that commitment I had in that camp and the performance I put on,” he said.

“He ran away that first round, he didn’t throw a punch. He shot for the legs before he threw a punch. The first round, I should have been talking to Herb. He said he was talking to me in the cage, but there wasn’t a whisper out of him until he ended up dominant position.”

Indeed, Khabib managed to drop Conor with a clean right hand. To hear McGregor tell it, it only happened because he wasn’t respecting Khabib enough.

“The only reason he ended up in a dominant position was because I walked around with disrespect to him because he was walking around in that cage. I switched off that millisecond and he got that lucky shot.”

“Even after he got that lucky shot, which was a beautiful shot, I got back up to engage and he shot in again. There are many great things I can take form that and come back and avenge that.”

If you’re McGregor, finding suitable opponents won’t be hard, as there is laundry list of top contenders who are eager to face “Notorious,” and vice versa.

“I am not going to wait around. If you’re asking me who,it’s whoever. If Dustin goes in and wins it’s Dustin. If it’s Nate, it’s Nate, Jorge (Masvidal). Anyone, Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaethje, Holloway rematch, Aldo rematch, there is so many bouts for me. And it does not matter who.

“It’s about me getting back to who I am and not a shell of myself,” he concluded.

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