Last week, Conor McGregor was in Moscow to announce that he would be returning to action on January 18, 2020.

While there, Conor took it upon himself to once again insult Degestan, Khaibb Nurmagomedov’s stomping grounds. As a result, an irate fan threw a water bottle at “Notorious,” who ducked out of the way.

See the video of the attack here.

But after Conor made it know he was staying at the Ritz Carlton, all that did was send an open invitation for people who wanted to hurt Conor for his remarks.

After a large group of men arrived at the hotel, security was increased and the hotel was put on lockdown. Here is the report courtesy of Bloody Elbow.

Russian news agency Sputnik, which is sometimes described as a pro-Russian propaganda network, reported that there was increased security at the Ritz Carlton hotel in central Moscow where McGregor was staying.

That outlet reported that the security increase happened as the hotel became surrounded by a “large group of Russian men, presumably hailing from … Dagestan”. Sputnik further reported that Moscow police took it upon themselves to handle security at the hotel after McGregor’s inflammatory comments.

Thankfully, nothing happened due to the increased security, as Conor was able to leave Moscow unharmed. That said, it’s probably not the wises thing for Conor to reveal where he i staying moving forward, especially in enemy territory.

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