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Just how influential is Conor McGregor?

Well, he just helped an upcoming disc jockey score a five-year record deal with a recording label after “Notorious” posted one of his videos to his Instagram page.

Danny Upex, known by his stage name as DJ Dupex and is from the UK, has performed his mixes in Ibiza, Cyprus and all over the UK and has worked tirelessly to get his name out there.


Upex decided to include some of Conor McGregor’s most famous soundbites at a beach party in one of his mixes, and the crowd went wild.

Upon hearing about it, McGregor tracked down the video and posted it to his Instagram account:

A couple of days later, Danny’s life would change forever.

“I posted a track that features an interview after he’d won his two world belts. Conor McGregor went crazy for it,’ he told North Hampton Telegraph.

“He put it on his Facebook and Instagram and it’s had about six million hits now. At first he liked it and I had thousands of messages come through from everyone.

“The next night I heard my phone vibrating and he’d tagged me into a post. He had commented that he thought it was really good.

“It’s really raised my profile,” he added.

Days later, the 25-year old signed a five-year deal with a recording company and is set to release his debut single at the beginning of 2020.

Conor then took to Twitter to congratulate him.

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