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Whether you love or hate Dillon Danis, his latest gesture might just win you over if you’re not a fan of his yet.

Indeed, Conor McGregor’s training partner and current Bellator MMA combat, caught wind of a viral video going around that shows a group of cowardly bullies beat up a young man inside bathroom at a public school.

That was enough to force Dillon into action, as he took to social media to ask someone to help him get in touch with the kid in order to get him some free training.

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Not long after, the two sides were in contact, and Danis set up the young boy with some training at a gym in Baltimore owned by one of Dillon’s friends.

Danis’s kind gesture even made it onto SportsCenter.

For Danis, getting praise isn’t the bottom line, it’s trying to help kids who are victims of bullies to learn how to defend themselves to alleviate the plaque of bigger kids picking on smaller kids.

“He’s training at a gym in Baltimore owned by my friend and world champion Rick Slomba,” Danis told MMAmania. “It’s important to me because being bullied is a terrible feeling and the discipline and confidence that comes from martial arts is compared to nothing else”

“So…jiu jitsu changed my life and I owe it everything, so I want others to have the same opportunity that I was given.”


Indeed, Danis is one of the world’s best jiu-jitsu practitioners, as is Rick Slomba. As a result of this instance and various others, Dillon is looking to start a non-profit organization to help even more kids who have been victims of bullying to train.

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