“We focus on food for performance,” McGregor has said in the past

“Giving my body exactly what it needs for the physical training. My diet is usually pretty consistent whether I’m training for a specific fight or not.”

Perfecting one’s diet under the conditions needed to be at your peak as a fighter takes months of trialing and testing.


Harley Street Clinical and Sports Dietitian Rick Miller has worked with many a top combat athlete.

He is in agreement that their diets should be rigorously maintained and that “Their diets are based on good habits,” he says.

It isn’t a fad or a crash diet, it’s a lifestyle.

McGregors diet clearly yields fantastic results, on top of training, of course. Here are some interesting pointers we can all learn from:

“I don’t eat takeaways. I don’t eat none of that shit. ll eat good-quality meats, good-quality greens, good-quality carbohydrates like sweet potato and butternut squash, and that is it.”

That said, he’s admitted his weakness is his sweet tooth, cake and coffee!

Here’s a list of Conor’s primary dietary intake

  • Grilled or baked meat & fish
  • Plenty of fresh vegetables, in particular greens
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Fruit & nuts (sparingly)

Diet Foundations

Conor has always had his solid influence on how to eat thanks to his head coach John Kavanagh. In MMA Circles, Although John is not as well known as Greg Jackson or Firas Zahabi, he’s definitely achieved high success as McGregors lead coach.

“You know, a diet is super simple. I can tell you mine right now in one sentence. If it had a face or it grew, then it’s pretty much okay, and stay away from processed food. It’s just that simple.”


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