Aside from his tremendous skills inside the cage, Conor McGregor is perhaps best known for his unmatched trash talk.

Indeed, Conor can leave the best of them speechless without a rebuttal, as his quick wit and spicy one-liners can cut anyone down.

And while he and Donald Cerrone have kept it cool so far ahead of UFC 246 on Jan. 18, the time will come when the two will be behind mics.

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When it does, Cerrone does expect some fire from “Notorious.” That said, Cerrone warns Conor not to go below the belt and take aim at his family, especially his son and grandmother.

“He’s the best at it,” Cerrone told MMA Fighting. “The thing is, you’d really have to go low, talk about my grandma or my kid and then it would put it on another level,” he added.

“You understand what I’m saying? Then I’ll just come fuck you up in the lobby type shit. I don’t think it’s ever going to go that way.”

“He understands that. We’re fighting, he can talk about that all he wants, but don’t low blow.”

That said, Conor has been known to drag family into his talk.

Prior to throwing down against Khabib Nurmagoemdov at UFC 229, McGregor bad-mouthed Khabib’s father, and then insulted his wife. If that weren’t enough, he talked about Ali Abdelaziz’s kid, as well.

In fact, it got so bad that Dana White promised to get involved if the tow men didn’t tone it down.

Indeed, Conor has shown he has no filter, and while Cerrone was just warning Conor, he may have been better off not saying anything to not give McGregor a reason.

That said, McGregor does seem to respect Cerrone, unlike Khabib, so he likely won’t go too far. We only have to wait a few days to find out!

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