A few weeks ago, a video was making the rounds showing a man trying to walk out of a Best Buy in Hawaii without paying for an item.

But he was stopped by a very determined employee, who was bent on not letting the man escape the store, as she blocked him at the entrance.

What ensued was an all out tussle between the man and the woman, which saw her tackle him to the ground before other onlookers jumped in to help out.


In the end, the woman prevailed and the man left embarrassed and without the item. The viral video has been viewed millions of times and she has now become an internet sensation.

Now, she is getting even more praise, this time from UFC president Dana White. But on top of the praise, White revealed he would be giving her some tickets and an all expenses paid trip to attend UFC 246: “McGregor vs Cowboy” on Jan. 18 in Las Vegas as a reward.

“This is Summer. She stopped this punk from getting away with stealing from Bes tBuy in Hawaii,” he said on Twitter.

“She got fired for this. Flying her in this weekend and giving her tickets to the McGregor vs Cowboy fight. I WANT HER TO WORK FOR ME! Get ready for the best weekend of your life Summer.”

Despite Dana’s comments about being fired, that doesn’t appear to be true. While company policy — for whatever reason — would have been precedence to fire her, she had already put in her notice a few weeks prior to focused on her other job, according to this report.

She was even offered a position on a team for the upcoming Women’s Football League Association, which is set to debut in 2021.

That said, if Dana White is offering a job like he states, it might be hard for her to pass it up.

For now, she is in store for a crazy weekend as she gets to go to Las Vegas for free and attend one of the most highly-anticipated returns in MMA history. And it’s a great prize, as she will likely get some nice seats, as tickets range from $300 all the way up to $8,000.

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