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Aside from banking a reported $80 million for his comeback fight against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 last Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada, Conor McGregor also won $50,000 in post-fight bonus money.

Usually, the promotion will wire the fighters a check, or hand them the check in person backstage. But when your name is Conor McGregor, you get it in cold hard cash from Dana White himself.

Conor posted pictures of his post-fight meeting with White on Instagram, as well as former UFC owner, Lorenzo Fertitta, who has always been fond of Conor.


While sharing Proper No. 12 drinks, White reaches into a bag to give Conor what is presumed to be his $50K in bonus money for “Performance of the Night.”

In the grand scheme of things, $50,000 isn’t much to Conor, as he has made millions and millions of dollars throughout his combat career.

That said, if someone hands you $50,000, you will gladly take it, regardless of how full your piggy bank is already.

It’s easy to understand why Dana White and Co. are in such a good mood now that Conor is back, as he means big business ad evidenced by the gate revenue and PPV buys.

McGregor’s next fight promises to be even bigger, as he is expected to rematch Khabib Nurmagomedov if everything goes as planned.

If not, then a fight against Jorge Masvidal will do just as good in the numbers department. either way, Conor is back and everyone is getting paid.

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