At 27-0, UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the biggest stars in all of mixed martial arts. But as bright as his star shines, it’s not brighter than Conor McGregor’s.

According to UFC president Dana White, while “The Eagle” is one of his biggest stars, to say he is bigger than Conor simply wouldn’t be correct.

“Khabib is a big star, but to compare to Conor; for anyone to come out and say anybody is a bigger star than Conor..people have always been into Khabib,” said Dana during an interview with ESPN.


“He’s undefeated, nobody is undefeated the way Khabib is undefeated in this sport. The win streak that he is on, the people that he’s beat.”

Sure, “The Eagle” defeated “Notorious” at UFC 229 (see the fight here), but Conor has the charisma to sell a fight and draw attention to any fights he takes part in.

That’s why Dana says after going toe-to-toe against McGregor, Khabib saw his star-power go up several levels thanks to the attention Conor brings.

“He had that massive fight with Conor which put him over the top and made him an even bigger star.”

Indeed, Conor’s star-power doesn’t stop in the MMA world, as he’s transcended the sport in ways no one would’ve imagined.

He talked his way into a big boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, stared in several blue-chip sponsor commercials, created his own clothing line as well as his lucrative Proper No. 12 whiskey.

So while Conor may not have won a fight inside the Octagon since 2016, his star still shines brighter than anyone else’s. And you can bet he will be an interested observer when Khabib faces Dustin Poirier at UFC 242 on Saturday.

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