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If you know one thing about Conor McGregor, he isn’t one to do many interviews if he doesn’t have a fight lined up. Since his ugly brawl with the Khabib Nurmagomeodv crew last October, “Notorious” hasn’t given the media the time of day.

But after he was caught on tape smacking a bar patron in Dublin, Ireland, Conor broke his silence on the biggest media sports platform there is, ESPN.

Conor spoke to Ariel Helwani about the incident, taking full responsibility for it and apologizing to the victim. And UFC president Dana White, for one, is praising his star fighter for getting out in front of it and not hiding.

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“Conor and I talk at least a couple times a month and I think he needed to do that,” White said. “I didn’t tell him to do it. He did that on his own and good for him,” said Dana during the season final of his Contender Series.

As far as Conor’s other legal troubles which includes an alleged sexual assault, White says he has no insight on it other than McGregor told him he is being confused for someone else.

“I know zero about that,” White insisted. “To be honest with you, the back and forth that I’ve had with him about that, it’s not him. It’s somebody else, so I don’t know.”

McGregor has been involved in numerous legal incidents over his career, but this past year has proven to be a trying one of the Irishman, who is determined to change his ways.

Let’s hope for his sake he does, as he is still one of the hottest commodities in the sport and he could be lined up for his much-anticipated return at the end of the year.

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