Jorge Masvidal was quick to call out Conor McGregor to a fight after he knocked out Ben Askren in just five seconds at UFC 239 a couple of week ago.

But “Gamebred” won’t get the chance to break “Notorious’s” face, as UFC president Dana White says the Cuban-born fighter is simply too big for the Irishman.

“Masvidal’s too big for Conor,” White told TMZ. “Yeah [McGregor fought at welterweight], but he shouldn’t have. I hated that he did. Not only did I hate that he did it once, I hate that he did it twice. He doesn’t belong in that weight.”

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Indeed, McGregor fought Nate Diaz twice at 170 pounds, losing the first bout and then getting revenge a few months later. That said, Masvidal simply is the much bigger man, so taking that fight won’t make much sense for Conor.

“There’s plenty of fights for him in his weight division without Conor,” White added. “He’s too big for Conor. Conor doesn’t belong at 170. He’s got the balls to fight at 170, but he doesn’t belong there.”

Masvidal, meanwhile, is looking at getting a title fight if McGregor doesn’t happen. As for Conor, he’s still playing the waiting game when it comes to his combat return.

Even going as far as teasing requirement again.

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