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Throughout the history of combat sports, fighters have offered up one excuse after another for a tough loss.

While ideally we would like them to take their respective losses like a man or a woman, some fighters simply can’t, and provide a reason or excuse as to why they lost.

Whether it’s a bad weight cut, an injury, problems at home with the wife or husband..whatever.

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But Deontay Wilder may just have provided fight fans with the most ridiculous excuse for a loss….ever.

According to “The Bronze Bomber,” the reason why he didn’t have much offense to offer up against Tyson Fury during his TKO loss to “Gypsy King” in Las Vegas, is due to the fact that his legs were tired.

And why were they tired?

According to Wilder, the extravagant outfit he wore on his way to the ring weigh over 40 pounds, which took all the energy away from his legs.

Here is a fully bod view of the outfit that cost him over $40,000 to make.

I can’t figure out what’s more ridiculous: The outfit, the fact he spent $40,000 on it or the excuse.

It’s baffling, really, as Wilder is a world-class athlete who is built like a rock at 240 pounds of pure muscle.

So how walking down with an outfit that weighs 40 pounds effects your performance is beyond me.

Nevertheless, there appears to be a trilogy fight on the horizon, as Wilder will pull the trigger on his rematch clause, which means we are in for another treat.

A word to the wise, leave your costumes at home, Wilder.


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