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Remember when Deontay Wilder said the reason for losing to Tyson Fury via seventh round knockout was because the outfit he wore to the ring weighed 40 pounds?

Well, the big man just contradicted himself.

During an interview with Joe Rogan in 2018, Wilder revealed he trains with a vest that weights 45 pounds.

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He does so in order to have more eight on him while training, in essence making his stronger and faster.

That means that if he is accustomed to triangle with a vest the weighs 45 pounds, than walking down the ring shouldn’t affect him.

Still, Deontay is sticking to his excuse, but this video just proves that it is indeed just that…an excuse.

And it’s a shame, really, as he is completely discrediting Fury’s performance.

Nevertheless, he will have a shot at revenge when he rematches Tyson alter this year.

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