There has been one former boxing heavyweight champion that actually made the cross over into the UFC cage.

That man was James Toney, who was submitted by Randy Couture in the first round rather easily at UFC 118 10 years ago.

Since the, other fighters such as Floyd Mayweather and Tyson Fury have teased a move over to MMA, but have never actually pulled the trigger on the move.


Another man many people would love to see cross over is current Heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder.

And it’s something that he is open to, but is adamant he is too dangerous for the sport, and may even kill a man due to the small glove and his punching power.

“I’ve spoken out about that before, of course, for me, I’ll fight you in my sport and I’ll come to your sport and do it too,” Deontay Wilder said during a recent press call courtesy of the Theboxingvoice (transcription via Middle Easy.)

“(In MMA) they allow you to get on top of your opponent and bash his face in with velocity and speed coming downwards.”

“Four-ounce gloves, I already talk about getting people out of the ring. But, that will definitely be the sport where I show them, man.”

“I’m just too dangerous of a man in any type of combat sports,” Wilder explained. “I really would end a life because I have the power to, and that’s just the d–n truth.”

While no one is denying Wilder’s power, he’d have to brush up on his wrestling or suffer the same result as Toney did.

For now, Deontay will focus on his upocomign rematch against Tyson Fury on Feb. 22 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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