After scoring his first win inside the UFC cage in three years by knocking out Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 in just 40 seconds “Notorious” is talking about his big win.

Conor spoke to ESPN promoter Ariel Helwani about what it meant to get the much-needed victory

”He was planning to head kick me!” McGregor said. “Wanted to knock me out with a head kick. So happy to catch him, I knew he had flaws in his own game. What a record he has, the most head kick knockouts. It’s a phenomenal record. Catching him with a head kick, I was very very pleased with that.”

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Getting started early was priority for Conor, who rocked Cerrone with shoulder hits to the face of all things.

“Something else I was going for, the knockout victory across three weight divisions. Granted it was a technical knockout, but a knockout none the less. Donald is a phenomenal fighter, he’s not easy to put away. No one puts him away like that in forty seconds, so very happy, very pleased. And on we go.”

Furthermore, Conor says since he got out of the fight quickly and unharmed, he is planning to return to action rather quickly.

”Very quickly,” he said.

“God willing I come out fresh tonight. As I said, I’ll have a celebration tonight, a little celebration, spend time with the family and then back to training. I’m sure we’ll talk within the next week and see what happens.”

As far as who he will fight, there are not shortage of options for the former UFC champ-champ. “There’s a load of em, so I’m just building myself. Still work to be done. Still a lot of work to be done. I heaped some amount of workload on myself in this camp and at times I had to take a back step for a couple of days to recover,” he added.

“Now I think I’ve built that foundation again, I can sustain the workload and I can continue. So there’s much more in me. I’m going to keep that mindset and push forward.”

Who do you want to see McGregor fight next?

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