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In facing off against Floyd Mayweather a few years ago — who is regarded as one of the best boxers of all time — Conor McGregor proved that he has the chops to bang with the boxing big boys.

What was even more impressive is the fact that it was “Notorious’s” first boxing match ever.

Despite losing via 10th round technical knockout, McGregor earned the praise of many, especially since a lot of people felt he had no business fighting one of the best.

But George Foremen — a former boxing Heavyweight champion — says McGregor should ditch his MMA gloves once and for all and transition over to boxing full time.

“It’s hard for McGregor to accept it, but he’s a better puncher than he is in MMA,” Foreman told the Daily Star, before saying that if he can lock down a much-talked about boxing match against Manny Pacquiao, he can actually come out on top.

“I’d rather see him in boxing matches now. I think if he has a fight with Pacquiao he can actually beat him – good rules, over 10 rounds, McGregor can beat him. He’s already adjusted to boxing, he’s not going to do good in MMA anymore. Pacquiao is very good as a matter of fact, but McGregor can beat him in a boxing match.”

McGregor has been trying to lock down a fight against Pacquiao, and since both men are under the same management many have wondered why it hasn’t happened yet.

But it seems to be only a matter of time before it doesn’t, but it likely won’t happen this year because Conor is adamant he will return to full form in MMA later this year.

Anyone think McGregor will be better off as a pro boxer than fighting for UFC?

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