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Floyd Mayweather is without a doubt the biggest boxing star of our time, going 50-o and taking out the best ever.

He also took out Conor McGregor a few years ago in hat was his final fight of his career.

But rumors have been circling regarding a potential return to action for “Money.”


In fact, he says that he is willing to box Conor and Khabib Nurmagomedov on the same day.

But if that were to happen, he would command a huge amount of money to the tune of over half a billion dollars.

‘For myself, the number is $600m. If I’m going to go out there and risk it, it’d have to be worth it.’

As big as Floyd is, I highly doubt anyone in their right mind would put together that kind of money just to see this spectacle.

But it would be fun to watch, thought it will likely never happen.

Furthermore, Floyd recently singed a deal with Dana White and UFC, which will see them partner on a few ventures together.

Whether or not we ever get to see him box Conor or Khabib, remains to be seen.

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