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UFC legend George St-Pierre might ‘unretire’ if he is given a fight with Khabib, reports say. The former welterweight and middleweight champion has mentioned that he could make a comeback if Dana White could assure him of such an event. But then, UFC fighters don’t really ‘retire’- they simply hibernate until the time is right.

Mark Kriegel from ESPN spoke to the legend in Montreal, where he believes that the fight between him and Khabib would probably be the ‘right fight’- to come out of retirement that is. George St-Pierre further mentioned that the word ‘retirement’ didn’t really have much stock these days. Anyone could go in and out of it.

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He has referred to Dana White on making things happen, after a previously rumored fight with Khabib was called off. There were disputes and the administrators couldn’t accept George St-Pierre’s deal of not having a rematch if he won.


Although there are a lot of GOATs in the present circuit, George St-Pierre is of the opinion that a fight with Khabib would truly be the right one. He confirmed a previous rumor but lamented that it couldn’t come to fruition.

Yet, GSP is optimistic- he knows that if the right minds work together, a solution could be reached. As long as demands were met from both sides, numbers were crunched, George St-Pierre would have no problem fighting Khabib.

Fans are eagerly waiting to witness these two legends fight it out. Surely, GSP would win? Or does Khabib have a better chance?

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Video and Featured Image: ESPN MMA


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