We have a new record for worst weight miss in UFC history, courtesy of Rafael Alves.

The Dana White Contender Series signing was scheduled to fight Pat Sabatini at UFC Vegas 19 on Saturday at featherweight. Alves not only missed the non-title limit of 146 lbs but he missed the lightweight one as well. How do you like 157.5 lbs?

That is officially the most a fighter has ever come in overweight in the UFC, surpassing Anthony Johnson’s 11-pound overage when he took on Vitor Belfort back in 2012, after which he was released from the promotion.

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Alves released a statement on Instagram following his botched weight cut.

“Guys, I fell ill during my weight cut and my fight was cancelled,” Alves wrote (via MMA Fighting). “I’m sorry, but my health above everything.”

Earlier in the week, Alves told MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz that he intended to return to lightweight after this Saturday’s bout, and based on what he said it’s questionable that he should even be fighting at 155.

“My normal weight is 195 pounds and I cut to 145,” Alves said. “If I go to 155, I make weight no problem. I could make it today if I had to.”

Alves was one of four fighters to miss weight on Friday, but only Alves-Sabatini has been yanked from the lineup for obvious reasons.

UFC VEGAS 19 will proceed with just the 14 fights instead of 15.


Source: www.bloodyelbow.com

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