Conor McGregor is as brash as they come on the mic when it comes to promoting his fights. And while a lot of it seems to be over the top, with some saying he’s not being himself, at the end of the day, it is indeed all “Notorious.”

But there is another side to the former UFC double champion that most don’t get to see.

While it was publicized that Conor has help fund several homes in Ireland for homeless people, one thing that may have gone by the wayside is his massive efforts to raise almost a million dollars to a children’s hospital.

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That is until Tony Robbins let it slip during their recent sit-down.

“Thank you, Conor, for taking time out of your insanely busy schedule to share part of your story, help empower them as leaders and inspire them to contribute even more to society,” said Tony.

“Most people know what an absolute beast you are in the ring, but don’t realize the energy, generosity, and true kindness you’ve shown outside the spotlight,” he added.

“This last year alone, Conor not only helped to raise over $800K for a children’s hospital in Dublin — he also visits with the children and their parents to help raise spirits.”

“And that’s not all. Conor is also working to help boost resources for those fighting the homeless crisis in Ireland and provide care and support for those families and individuals in such great need,” he concluded.

Indeed, Conor has been known to be generous when it comes to helping out his community, he just doesn’t go out and brag about it. So despite what the cover that is McGregor might reveal to most, it’s what is deep down that truly counts.

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