One thing Conor McGregor won’t ever be accused of his living a boring life.

Whether it’s spending his massive amounts of money living a lavish life, or causing mayhem on the streets of Brooklyn, Florida or even his homeland of Dublin, Ireland, McGregor knows how to make headlines — some good and some bad —  since he is always in the public eye.

Take for instance the recent incident that saw him punch a 50-year old man in the bar. While Conor has come out and apologized, Joe Rogan — like Anthony Pettis — won’t necessarily put all of the blame on “Notorious” since no one knows exactly what was said between the two parties.

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Still, Rogan — UFC’s longtime color commentator — says you can’t expect a natural-born wild man like Conor to be acting like a perfect angel all of the time. The key is to not go to jail.

“I love Irish people man, I’m fucking fascinated by the wildness of that culture,” Rogan said on his podcast (transcribed by

“When you see a guy like Conor McGregor, part of what is him is Irish. He’s like a pure, brilliant Irish. He’s got like $100 million in the bank and he still wants to fight people” he added.

“Still smacking people at bars. What’s he doing? Don’t do that! Who knows what the fuck the guy said to him.”

According to Rogan, the punch didn’t land cleanly or else it could have turned out worse for the man. That said, while he isn’t excusing McGregor’s behavior, Conor will always mach to the beat of his own drum.

“Conor didn’t really hit him, he just touched him, gave him a couple of fingers,” Rogan said. “He’s Conor McGregor. He’s living like you’re supposed to live if you’re Conor McGregor. The dance is, don’t go to jail dude. Don’t get locked up.”

Joe Rogan on Conor McGregor Punching That Old Guy (Video)

Still, Conor has vowed to not allow himself to be baited into situations that could get him into trouble moving forward.

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