Conor McGregor is easily the highest-paid fighter in the history of mixed martial arts (MMA0.

In short, “Notorious” is a trendsetter for a sport that has largely been criticized for not paying its athletes comparable to what other major sports leagues offer.

But since Conor started cashing his big UFC checks, it has also allowed other fighters the opportunity to seek for higher pay, many of which have received it.

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Not to mention, Conor’s aura and magnitude has drawn million more eyeballs to the sport, giving him and other athletes more opportunities.

That’s why a lot of fighters are appreciate of McGregor, even if they don’t like him. Conor’s coach, John Kavanagh, recently shared an interesting tidbit of how he knows fighters appreciate Conor.

“I’ve a had a few UFC fighters pull me aside fight week and say something along the lines of “I might not like your boy but we should all be sending him 5%. He’s changed the game for all of us.” Be grateful and you’ll receive more to be grateful for,” wrote Kavanagh via Twitter.

I am sure Conor wouldn’t mid that extra five percent in his bank account.

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