News recently surfaced revealing that UFC was looking to book a rematch between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor in 2020.

Before that, however, the two men had to serve as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

But according to Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, he still wants nothing to do with “Notorious.”

“Last week Dana White called me,” Khabib’s manager Ali Abdelaziz told TMZ Sports. “And he said, ‘Ali, what do you think about Khabib and Conor doing The Ultimate Fighter on ESPN?’ One, this is breaking news. And I said, ‘Man, you know what? I don’t know. I’ll think about it’ and he said, ‘Of course, vice-versa if Justin wins, right?’ Khabib vs. Conor on The Ultimate Fighter, coach, he would have probably went to the hospital because we’d beat his ass in front of his whole team. Or Justin Gaethje versus him, right?

“I talked to Khabib yesterday and he said ‘This man is human trash, he’s like garbage,’” Abdelaziz continued. “He said, ‘When you touch s**t, you smell s**t.’ He said ‘[McGregor] hasn’t earned to fight me. He hasn’t earned to fight me.’”

Of course, the two men’s beef with on another is well-documented, with it culminating at UFC 220 where Khabib choked out McGregor.

A rematch between the two would be bananas.

For now, Khabib is set to face Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 late this month, while McGregor is looking to book a charity fight with Dustin Poirier.

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