After video surfaced of Conor McGregor punching an elderly man in an Irish pub, you knew the critics would come out in droves.

UFC president Dana White has already expressed his concern that “Notorious” could be spiraling out of control if he doesn’t watch his outside of the cage antics.

And now, Conor’s biggest rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov, is chiming in on the situation, saying the “Notorious” should be put in jail for hitting a man that is obviously much older and defenseless.

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“I told you guy, this guy have no class, no respect,” Nurmagomedov told TMZ. “This is very bad for sport. Some things he’s done are good for sport but right now, he without his mind. He lose his mind. It’s crazy and government has to smash him, this is my opinion,” he added.

“I think these people have to go jail,” Nurmagomedov said. “They have to go jail. This happened in Ireland? What happened about Ireland government?”

“We guys from Russia have problem with visa, but why this bullshit guy don’t have problem with visa in U.S.A.? How U.S.A. can give him visa or something like this, respect or job? These people, they have to go jail.”

Indeed, Khabib’s father and teammates have at times had trouble locking down a vise coming over to USA, while Conor and his crew — who all hail from Ireland — don’t have that same problem.

In legal cases, something like this could potentially halt a man getting a visa. But since no charges were pressed at the time, the incident happened four months ago, everything seems to be right as rain in the McGregor camp.

For now.

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