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UFC president Dana White has stated on numerous occasions that the biggest fight to make is a rematch between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor.

That statement was further amplified after “Notorious” knocked out “Cowboy”Cerrone at UFC 246 last Saturday night.

Khabib, meanwhile, has stated that as long as he is champion, Conor will not get another chance to fight for the 155-pound title.

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His father, on the other hand, does like a do-over between the two men. As long as the money is correct, that is.

”We also need revenge against Conor,” Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov told RIA Novosti.

“But give us $100 million. The day after the fight against Ferguson, give us that amount and then why not get revenge? I don’t know, maybe Dana White wants to arrange it (for that amount), he needs that fight.”

$100 million is a lot to ask for, especially since the only fighter in the history of combat sports who can command that much is Floyd Mayweather.

And despite Conor’s recent claims that he will have made $80 million for UFC 246, there is no proof to back that up.Though he still got paid plenty.

That said, a do-over against Conor will do big business, but I’m not too sure UFC will bend for that much.

Plus, there is also the little matter of Tony Ferguson, who is set to face Khabib at UFC 249 on April 18.

If Tony wins, then a do-over between Khabib and Conor loses a lot of its luster, and financial impact.

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